Google is fixing the biggest annoyance with Android gaming

Written by Jaivik Shah

Virtually every time you install a new game on your Android device, you need to sign in to Google Play Games, the company’s service to keep track of what you’re playing and who you play with online.

Scores of developers use it to save your progress and add your name to their games’ leaderboards. It’s certainly useful, but having to tap multiple times to log in every time you try a new title, just when you’re about to delve into the action, can be a pain. Thankfully, the upcoming version of Google Play Games includes an option to sign you into games automatically.

There's finally a way to kill those annoying Googly Play Games permissions dialogs
There’s finally a way to kill those annoying Googly Play Games permissions dialogs

You’ll need to launch the app and enable this in the Settings menu, and you’ll have to set up your Gamer ID the next time you launch a game, by choosing a handle and avatar – but that’s it. Once you’re done, you’ll never see another Google Play Games dialog again.

The company said in January that this change was coming; the idea was to ditch the requirement of Google+ accounts for Gamer IDs.

If you’re like me and try a ton of games, this is certainly a welcome update. The new feature is available in version 3.7 of the app, which is yet to arrive on Google Play but you can grab it right now from APKMirror.

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