No more excuses: Google Calendar can now help you stick to your goals

Written by Jaivik Shah

Google is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Calendar service with the launch of a handy new feature in its mobile apps to help you find time to meet your personal goals.

Whether you’re looking to start using that gym membership regularly, learn a new language or call your parents more often, the new Goals feature can pencil these activities into your schedule with a couple of taps.

Find the Goal option in the Add menu, tell the app how often you’d like to do these things and pick the best time slots that work for you, and you’re all set. In case you end up bailing on your goal, Calendar will defer it to another day so your progress isn’t affected.

It will also automatically reschedule if you add another event, like a meeting, that’s in conflict with a goal. Google says that as you use the feature over time, it will also continually learn to choose better times for your goal activities.


It’s worth noting that while the app comes pre-loaded with some common categories like Exercise and Build a Skill, you can just as well create a custom goal for just about anything else you want to achieve.

Goals is available in Google Calendar for Android and iOS worldwide. However, it appears to be rolling out slowly and may not appear on your device just yet.

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