Facebook gives developers better analytics and a powerful notification platform

Written by Jaivik Shah

Launched at F8 last year, Analytics for Apps helps developers get a feel for who their audience is. Now it’ll start leveraging information from Facebook profiles so developers get more granular metadata on their users, and push notifications to them.

People Insights

Facebook says over 450,000 apps already use its Analytics for Apps. With the new features (dubbed People Insights, which will be seated under a new People section in analytics), developers will have more reason than ever to give it a shot, too.

People Insights will now grab data like your age, language spoken interests and job title gleaned from your Facebook profile, then refurbish it as anonymized metadata for developers.

Facebook tells TechOptimals this feature will provide developers with “anything [they] want from an analytics perspective.” Developers can request granular reports about the aforementioned features as well as in-app actions.

To that, a developer may be able to tell that there is a large group of users in their late 20s who like to make in-app purchases at a particular time, or in response to an offer.

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