Microsoft releases tool for converting old software to modern Windows 10 apps

Written by Jaivik Shah

At Build 2016, Microsoft announced the Desktop App Converter, a tool that would allow developers to convert classic Windows programs into modern Universal Windows Platform(UWP) apps.

A preview version is now available to download. As expected, it supports both .NET and Win32 apps, which it can convert to AppX packages that support any UWP API.

While the tool won’t magically making legacy apps look like modern ones, it gets the ball rolling for developers looking to make the transition.

It’s part of Microsoft’s renewed emphasis on making the UWP the primary way of creating apps for Windows. And as UWP apps are installed through through the Windows Store, it helps prevent users from downloading malware-laced software from shady sites.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have the latest Windows Insider Build – AKA the first preview for the imminent Anniversary Update – in order to install the app converter. If you’re all ready to give your apps a bit of a facelift, head on over to the source link below.

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