Medium unveils its grand plan to become a publishing powerhouse

Written by Jaivik Shah

Medium is making some big changes today in a bid to encourage publishers to go all-in on its platform: it’s got new tools for custom design, a way to migrate existing blogs across and a way for writers to get paid.

As part of the launch, some notable blogs are making the move across from day one:Femsplain, The Awl, Monday Note and more are already onboard with Time’s Money and Fortune’s smaller blogs also moving.

As for monetization, Medium is launching two ways to get paid: first, you’ll be able to subscribe to some publications for a monthly fee in exchange for perks and members-only content.

The other way is through sponsored content, which you’ll start seeing appearing at the bottom of some stories. They’re called “promoted brand stories” which are basically advertisements for “meaningful, original content” made by other publishers on the service.

Medium’s also confirmed support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and Facebook Instant Articles, which launches on Thursday.

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